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Blue Ribbon Abrasives is proud to be one of the first distributors to offer the revolutionary new siastar® grinding and sanding system. Please call to find out how these revolutionary tools can make your job easier while saving you time. And we make them fit your budget, too! Call 1-800-760-6939 today!

We love this system and have found it to be particularly beneficial for working with aluminum and stainless steel. We have great prices on the individual tools and are offering a special price of $279.95 on the siastar® kit (grinder not included). Compare elsewhere at $425! This kit contains the entire siastar system in a box, always at your fingertips, providing optimum protection of machine and tools.

What is siastar®?
siastar® system is the name of a set of innovative grinding and sanding tools recently introduced by the third largest manufacturer of abrasives in the world, sia Abrasives. sia Abrasives is known for producing the highest quality tools available.

Why do I want siastar®?
The center piece of the siastar system is the quick release adapter which fits any conventional angle or straight grinder. Using the adapter, you can change tools in seconds rather than minutes. That not only saves you valuable time, it allows you to concentrate on the work at hand without the interruption of removing nuts, tightening, and all the other steps normally involved in changing tools. For more information about the siastar system, visit the sia Abrasives website at www.siastar.com/en/

What tools are available with siastar®?
Eight high-quality, time-saving tools can be attached to the quick release adapter:

  • Rough grinding
  • Deburring
  • Dressing of welding seams
  • Preparation of welding joints
  • Smooth grinding of joints


  • Grinding of inner radii
  • Fine sanding
  • Smooth grinding of fillet weld
  • Matting
  • Microfinishing of different metals
  • Structuring of metallic surfaces
  • Removing discoloration
  • Rust removal
  • Cleaning
  • Removing discoloration
  • Structuring
  • Cutting
  • Smoothing of welding seams
  • Flattening of welding seams
  • Deburring and smooth grinding of joints
  • Treatment of hard-to-get-at stair areas
  • Treatment of hard-to-get-at handrails
  • Cleaning of tubes and shafts
  • Removing rust from tubes and shafts
  • Satin finishing of tubes and shafts
  • Deburring of drilled holes
  • Deburring of tube ends
  • Internal tube treatment
  • Satin finish